The Spirit of Winston-Salem through Local Lenses

What is Instagram?

Here at Airtype, we’ve be on a mission to help raise awareness about our great city Winston-Salem. Our first initiative was Colab, an upcoming creative learning community. Next was Camel City Goods Co. apparel. Now there’s Winstagram. Simply put, Winstagram is a live feed of photos via InstagramTM tagged #wsnc. Unless your photos are marked as private, your InstagramTM feed is searchable.

We thought it would be really neat to capture the spirit of Winston-Salem through the lenses of its people in one interface.

The Winstagram Project

We don’t retain any rights to your photos, nor can we print or distribute them physically without your permission. However, we believe this could turn into quite an amazing gallery of snapshots, and local business exposure, so naturally we have a few ideas up our sleeves.

Maybe it’s a mural on the side of a building, or a collection of photos for a book. If you have any suggestions on unique ways to leverage or showcase these photos for the community, we’d love to hear them. Just drop us an email. Until then, tag your pics #wsnc and enjoy the view.